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HBGroup, previously known as HB Company Ltd, was established on 17 July 2000. Initially started in distributorship, trading and production of construction materials, pharmaceutical products. Since its establishment HBGroup has constantly expanded its footprint in many sectors through continuous investment, investment management and restructuring, as well as M&A activities. With powerful human and financial resources, HBGroup seeks to develop in two main sectors including trading in construction materials and logistics.

On the journey of asserting our position, HB Group understands that the key to success is to stand out. By making difference in our investment decision, we create a major breakthrough to become a reputable corporation with strong financial resources.

Perceiving that human beings are crucial factors to circulate the corporation energy and drive us to success, we have significantly invested in human resource activities especially in recruitment and training. The joined force of brilliant leaders, excellent experts and dedicated employees has built a powerful HB Group. Together, we create synergy throughout organization to achieve the success.

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