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HBGroup becomes a brilliant corporation in construction materials in Vietnam and in ASEAN

Core values

It is not something that can be dissipated overtime; our core values are permeated and diffused in our thoughts, actions and feelings of each member of HBGroup to achieve our common goal.

Integrity: Our promise is our commitment. Our primary goal is to maximize the benefits of our employees, partners, customers and shareholders based on the codes of ethics, the clarity and transparency, and the prestige.

Leadership: We create a corporation in which each individual is a leader who is able to inspire and influence others and has excellent management skills to coordinate resources in order to achieve corporate objectives.

Synergy:  HGB is an enterprise of long-term relationship; the leaders are willing to empower and guide the subordinates, whereas, young and talented people have opportunities to express themselves, to conquer challenges.

Positive change and continuous improvement: We motivate the comprehensive personal development and compatibility among individuals and departments with our organization through long-term training program and skill training activities. In HBGroup, we change actively and think positively to turn difficulties into advantages and challenges into opportunities.

Open communication: In HBG family, all members are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas to improve the business outcome. Active listening and response can not only tighten the relationships among coworkers, shareholders and partners but also improve the quality of our products and services.

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