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Thái Lan khởi xướng điều tra chống bán phá giá ống thép hàn nhập khẩu từ Việt Nam

The Thai Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission recently announced the initiation of an anti-dumping investigation against welded steel pipes imported from Vietnam.

The products under investigation include 169 HS codes, welded pipes and tubes of iron or steel, excluding seamless steel pipes, and welded steel pipes with an outside diameter of 406.6mm.

The case stemmed from an anti-dumping investigation request of Cotcometalworks Co., Ltd., Thai Metal Trade Plc. (TMT), Pacific Pipe Plc. (PAP), Asia Metal Plc. (AMC), Thai Coon Steel Company Limited.

It is known that the plaintiff alleges that welded steel pipe products are being dumped in the Thai market and cause significant damage to the domestic industry in this country. Recently, the amount of products imported from Vietnam has increased significantly, affecting the selling price, inventory and activities of the domestic industry.

Thailand’s investigative agency has been investigating since the date this notice was published in the government gazette. Interested parties can send documents and actual reports within 30 days.

Theo Chau An – Cafeland

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